A ZBD Voucher is a single-time use coupon that can be redeemed by another ZBD user to transfer funds from your Developer Wallet into their wallet.

Voucher Use Cases

You can create Vouchers anytime you want to send another ZBD user sats from your Developer Wallet.


  • You want to gift a user but don’t know their ZBD Gamertag or Lightning Address
  • You want to send a Voucher to a user’s email to re-engage them
  • You want to run a promotion where you generate 100 Vouchers and give them away to people

Create Voucher

To create Vouchers, go to the Vouchers page in the Dev Dashboard and click Create Voucher. When you create a Voucher, it debits the funds from your Developer Wallet. Alternatively, you can use the Create Voucher API endpoint.

Redeem Voucher

Vouchers are redeemed by entering the unique 8-digit code within the Dev Dashboard or Mobile App, or using the Redeem Voucher API endpoint. The funds from the Voucher will be credited to your wallet balance.

Dev Dashboard users can redeem Vouchers by pressing z + m, entering the 8-digit code, then pressing Redeem Voucher. This will credit the sats to your Developer wallet.

ZBD Mobile App users can redeem Vouchers by following these steps:

  1. Tap your wallet balance in the navbar to open your Wallet details
  2. Press Vouchers
  3. Press Redeem
  4. Enter the Voucher Code
  5. Press Redeem Voucher

Share Voucher

The unique 8-digit code from a Voucher can be shared with another ZBD user, who can redeem it to transfer the funds from your wallet to their own.

View Created Vouchers

There are multiple options to view Vouchers:

  1. Navigate to the Vouchers page within the Dev Dashboard to view a list of your Vouchers created via the Dev Dashboard UI.

  2. Navigate to the applicable Project Wallet page within the Dev Dashboard and view the Transactions History table to view a list of your Vouchers created via API.

  3. Use the Get Voucher endpoint to retrieve the details about a Voucher.

Revoke a Voucher

If you issue a Voucher, but want to revoke (cancel) it, you can:

  1. Revoke it via the Revoke Voucher API endpoint
  2. Revoke it within the Dev Dashboard:
    1. Navigate to the Vouchers page within the Dev Dashboard
    2. Find the applicable Voucher within the data table
    3. Click on the Voucher to open the Voucher Details modal
    4. Click Revoke
    5. The Voucher funds will be credited to your Developer Wallet

Voucher Statuses

ValidThis means the Voucher is active and available for another user to redeem.
RedeemedThis means the Voucher has been redeemed by you or another user. Since Vouchers are single-time use, a Redeemed Voucher cannot be redeemed again.
RevokedThis means the Voucher has been cancelled and can no longer be redeemed.