What does ZBD Shield do?

ZBD Shield helps protect you from malicious and/or fraudulent activity by acting as a middleman between your project and the ZBD API. The product helps you take action against bad actors by preventing transactions on entities (ZBD Gamertags, IPs, ISPs, and Device IDs).

What does it mean to ban or allow an entity?

  • Banning an entity prevents the entity from transacting, even if their IP/ISP/Gamertag was previously allowed
  • Allowing an entity enables an entity to transact, even if their IP/ISP/Gamertag was previously banned

How do I purchase ZBD Shield?

Contact us today!

What are “Game Version Restrictions”?

ZBD Shield allows you to block withdrawals from only specified versions (i.e. builds) of your game. This is so that you can patch bugs/exploits/etc. in a new build, and prevent transactions on previous versions that have bugs. Therefore, only versions of your game listed in ZBD Shield will process transactions.

What happens if ZBD Shield goes down?

Your project should still work if ZBD Shield fails. If ZBD Shield is unexpectedly unavailable, you could temporarily halt withdrawals and inform your user of the situation, or route transactions through the normal endpoints.

Where can I find additional resources?

You can always reach out to ZBD support for additional help!