New features are coming to ZBD Streamer, including text-to-speech, audio snippet support, and much more. However, the system was purposefully-built open enough that more tech-savyy folks can do custom things with it.

Tapping into Payments to ZBD Streamer

You can reuse the QR code from your ZBD Streamer account and have it power things other than just the main GIFs + superchat module inside your favorite streaming tool.

To do so you must grab the rk code from the Alert URL.

Alert URL

Create a new URL like so:

New Custom Events URL
ZBD Streamer QR Code URL

ZBD Streamer QR Code URL

SSE Event Streamer

This new URL is an SSE event streamer that fires a JSON object every time someone makes a payment to your ZBD Streamer QR code.

You can use a simple curl to view the payment stream directly on a terminal window.

Each payment payload object in the SSE stream contains the amount, the payer name, and comment (if available). With this information one can plug any payment to the ZBD Streamer QR code and have it power any other event in any other system. One could build an entire separate UI for showing these payments inside of the stream, or you could set it up to activate a fog machine or turn off the lights. Imagination is your limits here.

See SSE Documentation to learn more about SSE event streams.