The Wallet tab available inside of your Project view in the ZBD Dev Dashboard is where you will find all information about movement of money through this Project.

The Project Wallet is a Bitcoin Lightning wallet that is generated for each Project you create. This Wallet is used to facilitate payments into and out of this Project to the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Wallet Tab Data

Data points available in the Wallet tab include:

Wallet Architecture

Each Project Wallet is a distinct and fully-enabled Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

In short, 1 Project = 1 Wallet = 1 API Key.

Any payments made using this Project’s API key will debit this Project Wallet. Any Charges created by this Project Wallet that are paid successfully, will be credited to this account.

Project Wallets are distinct from your ZBD Developer Wallet.

Your Developer Wallet is associated with your user profile, while Project Wallets are created whenever you make a new Project.

Your Developer Wallet is akin to a central management account and the Project Wallet is an individual app account.

Funding a Project Wallet

To fund a Project Wallet you can either:

  • Transfer funds from one Project Wallet to another using the ZBD Dev Dashboard
  • Use the Internal Transfer API endpoint
  • Create a Charge (or Static Charge) and pay it