Connecting a ZBD Dev Dashboard Project to ZBD Shield is required to route transactions for that Project through your ZBD Shield instance. This will be done by inputting the applicable Project’s API key from the ZBD Dev Dashboard into ZBD Shield.

In ZBD Dev Dashboard

  1. In a separate browser tab, log in to your ZBD Dev Dashboard account.

  2. Navigate to the applicable Project.

  3. Navigate to the API tab.

  4. Copy your ZBD Project API key.

ZBD Dev Dashboard | API Key Screen

ZBD Dev Dashboard | API Key Screen

Once you have your API key, you’re ready to insert it into ZBD Shield instance.

In ZBD Shield

Now, we need to put that API key into ZBD Shield, so the two are linked and ZBD Shield can properly protect your Project’s transactions.

  1. Login to your ZBD Shield instance.

  2. Navigate to Settings.

  3. Navitate to API Key.

  4. Paste your ZBD Project API key and press the checkmark button to save the entry.

ZBD Shield | API Key Screen

ZBD Shield | API Key Screen

If your API key is ever compromised, immediately regenerate a new API key in the ZBD Dev Dashboard and update the key in your ZBD Shield instance.