Lightning Address API

To send Bitcoin to a given Lightning Address, all you need to do is call the Send Lightning Address Payment API with a POST call providing the following properties:

lnAddressRecipient Lightning Address to send payment to.
amountTotal amount of satoshis to send (in millisatoshis).
commentcomment to be sent with the payment (max 150 characters).
Example: If you wish to reward 20 satoshis to a user for their completion of a challenge, and you have the user’s Lightning Address, you can use the information below to send it in 1 API call.

Sending Transaction

API Response

Response payloads will usually look similar to this:

  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "id": "795de178-573f-47dd-9535-a710cd9daf56",
    "fee": "2000",
    "unit": "msats",
    "amount": "20000",
    "preimage": "e2fb59fe93a2c63082be50f58f4f3e92841d436339fab93fdd67b1280650cf47",
    "status": "completed",
    "invoice": "lnbc200n1p3277jtpp5594ju6twysvqkqtus4l0pnawuum4w8l9x3ktz234pp93nfsdc5fshp574njlu3jdr3y2k3g4g9xcp323kgwh7n4v7n4yraakvwh7xmeyugqcqzpgxqyz5vqsp55ju2g2j06u8ua59kj80wqrpgsnkjclzdv28d0msgah90fcx9t9ds9qyyssqphhva4akne5hr0f6t3gmmdpllu00zxgvu70s0kp5g8wmg5vv26qygsearsyrcm4xjecttazfy3ul9lmcvas9ha24n9jtpc3ca9g2mqsppxzvdl",
    "walletId": "73c1db10-d1f7-499f-bbbe-eea2f73bb27c",
    "transactionId": "9ab28811-97d3-40d0-b603-50cfa00bba2d",
    "createdAt": "2022-06-19T19:34:35.955Z",
    "processedAt": "2022-06-19T19:34:36.936Z"
  "message": "Payment done."

Wow that’s easy. Welcome to instantaneous payments!

Fees are added post-send given that the routing fees for the Lightning Network are variable.(e.g if you send a 10,000 satoshi transaction to a Lightning Address and the fee ends up being 10 satoshis, the total paid by the API wallet is 10,010 satoshis).