Send Bitcoin to Email API

To send Bitcoin to a given email, all you need to do is call the Pay to Email API with a POST call providing the following properties:

emailRecipient email to send payment to.
amountTotal amount of satoshis to send (in millisatoshis).
commentcomment to be sent with the payment (max 150 characters).
Example: If you wish to reward 20 satoshis to a user for their completion of a challenge, and you have the user’s email, you can use the information below to send it in 1 API call.


  • If the email is associated with an existing ZBD App account, then that user account will be credited the sats.
  • Otherwise, the sats will be issued to the email in the form of a valid ZBD Voucher that the recipient can redeem in the ZBD Mobile App.

API Response

Response payloads will look like this:

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "amount": "1000",
        "code": "CB6A2DC5",
        "createdAt": "2023-08-29T22:07:25.736Z",
        "createTransactionId": "a3742c93-be3b-49aa-9414-79deb04137b9",
        "description": "Sending to an email!",
        "fee": "1000",
        "id": "bdd0ee12-5231-4759-88aa-bb3634ed99e4",
        "unit": "msats",
        "walletId": "0701cf1b-059b-4b88-854e-3362d9b96aab"
    "message": "Voucher was sent to email address."

Wow that’s easy. Welcome to email payments!

There are no Lightning Network Fees for this endpoint.